“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”
2 Corinthians 12:9

The overused, yet useful, moniker, “no one is perfect” is something we remind our children but often forget to remind ourselves. Mother’s have been afforded a difficult – severe understatement of the year – job. Training children in the way God intended has its ups and downs. Some days everything runs smooth as warmed butter. The sun is shining through the kids perfectly washed and coiffed hair. We watch in fascinated awe as they wander through the clean house singing scripture instead of picking fights with their siblings. Other days, sticky handprints mar fresh paint, the unfortunate pets have found themselves slathered in toothpaste and by divine intervention the iguana ate Jonny’s homework – nay – his entire math binder.

Despite valiant efforts, life and voices have a way of throwing roadblocks at even the most organized of us. It’s easy to ruminate on and beat ourselves up for every misstep. But God is absolute perfection in our weaknesses.

As Mother’s Day approaches I was thinking about my experiences with my own mother. She would be the first to admit she is not perfect, nor is she invincible. We still chat about and process wounds from my childhood. That aside, her ability to acknowledge and surrender her lack of control saved my life.

When I was twelve, she gave my father an ultimatum. He could choose us or the drugs, lying and cheating. He swung to the latter three and removed himself from our lives. Around this time, Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating neurological disease that was removing her mobility at a rapid rate. My young mind couldn’t handle the rapid turn of events. Within a couple years, I developed an eating disorder that almost devoured me. At the age of seventeen, I realized death was imminent if I continued my lifestyle. I admitted myself to the eating disorder ward in Calgary.

Bound to a wheelchair and mind-numbing pain, my mom couldn’t jump in her car and drive to see me. She couldn’t wrap her hand around mine or hold me. Despite the human insufficiency, I could feel something even more powerful. In the midst of endless nights and disorientated sessions with my psychologist, peace settled on my heart. I did not see the victory with my eyes. But something in my spirit tells me it was my mother’s fervent prayers that stabbed hell’s heart and rescued my mind. In her weakness, God heard, responded and ultimately, God provided.

Every one of us faces challenges in our parenting journey. Whether it be chronic pain, knowing when to step in and offer an opinion without being pushy, choosing how to discipline or something as drastic as losing a spouse. Whatever the pain, God wants to show you how sufficient His power is in your weakness.

In light of this, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day a little differently this year.

The Kingdom of God does not celebrate worldly acclimation or the pride we have in our accomplishments. The Kingdom recognizes the importance of surrendering our parenting wholly to God, weaknesses included. As such, today is not a recanting of all the things you, as a mother, do well. Instead, it is a celebration of God’s power over the imperfections you struggle against. As you grow, change and make mistakes, we joyfully celebrate Christ’s transformative power in you and your children’s lives.

To you, a mother and God’s chosen, appointed daughter we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Author: Katie Pezzutto

Guest Writer

Katie Pezzutto is a guest writer with Awana International Canada. She also works as the Community Relations Lead with Love is Moving Magazine and is writing her first novel. She lives in the Windblown city of Lethbridge and has a passion for equipping leaders to reach kids.