We don’t want volunteers and leaders worrying about what they need to prepare, how to host a great experience or if the biblical content they are sharing is clear. When leaders are trained and equipped with great resources, they can focus on the most important things, the kids, relationships and sharing God’s word. 


Exclusive Shopping Advantages:

  • 30% off select products all day, everyday
  • Extra seasonal discounts and promotions throughout the year
  • The option to pay by invoice

Exposure for Your Church:

  • Be added to the “Find My Awana” search tool featured on our For Parents page. Help families discover your church when they are looking for an Awana program

Training, Consultation and Resources:

  • Leader training and coaching throughout the year
  • Help from our Field and Ministry Support teams when you need it most
  • Help with creating a contextualized program and structure that is right for your church
  • Assistance with program launch and Awana Sunday message

Leader and Parent Resources:

  • Awana Basics leader training
  • Virtual round table discussions throughout the year
  • AwanaGO curriculum and resources specific to our Canadian mission focus

Most of All:

  • Your church and ministry leaders will be connected to our field team.
  • In every region of the country, we have people ready to connect with you and support you in all your ministry needs.
  • Building relationship and connecting with our partnered churches is their primary goal.


Register today to access your Partner Benefits. Discount on curriculum, training, consultation, and resources! If you need assistance, please reach out to us for help.

Early Bird Registration – April 15th – June 30th for $99
Regular Registration – Starts on July 1st for $125

Registering for one age group only? Contact us for details, or you can fill out the registration form and contact us to pay for your single age group.