Helping youth discover their destiny in Christ. (grades 6-8)

Trek will lead your middle school students to dive deep into Scripture so that they can learn to own their faith and discover what they actually believe.

What's Inside the Bible Study?

Each lesson includes a seven-day devotional that guides students into and through each topic. 


Where do they begin? Start here! When your students begin a lesson there is an activity in each lesson for them to do that will help introduce what the lesson is about.


This is where students will dive into scripture and unpack how they can apply God’s Word. Each lesson includes a short summary of the passage to help students understand what they read. 


For the later part of the week, students will be challenged to continue to read scripture and reflect on the questions introduced to them the lesson.

Looking for material for new believers or young Christians?

Trek Essentials contains the same core components as the full student Bible studies and allow students to participate in your youth group for the year.

Ideal for students

  • just beginning their faith journey
  • new to your youth ministry
  • with special needs

Ideal for ministries

  • with a diverse group of students
  • needing a low-cost option
  • looking for an outreach tool for Sundays or for parent study

What Will They Learn?

Choose from three Bible studies for your group to work through each year. Each study includes 32 lessons. Each study is available in KJV, NKJV, NIV 1984, and ESV.

The recommended study for 2023-2024 is His Story.


Trek through God’s story

Creation • The Fall • Redemption • Consummation


Trek through the Gospel of Luke

Submit • Servant • Sacrifice • Suffering


Trek with the Disciples through Acts

Inception • Contagion • Transformation • Connection

Get Equipped for the Trek!

We provide resources to help your leaders run a successful youth ministry. 


The Leader Guide has everything you need to plan your large group lesson and facilitate life-changing small group discussions with your students. It includes a fully customizable powerpoint slide deck which allows you to use the content provided, or write your own.


For small group leaders, we have created a Small Group Discussion Guide to help them lead conversations built around each week’s topic.


The Parent Guide, is a free digital download which allows parents to continue to engage their students at home. We believe it is extremely important for both parents’ and the youth leader to be involved in guiding a student spiritually.


We want to equip you to reach youth with the gospel and discipling them for the long haul. But we know that looks different for every church and organization, so we’re ready and waiting to connect you with a team of experts who will ask questions, listen carefully, then craft custom solutions to meet your very specific ministry needs.


Have an exciting and organized Game Time every time! The Official Awana Youth Ministries Game Book gives you a wide variety of game ideas with detailed instructions that both new and experienced leaders can follow. Find this item along with uniform t-shirts, handbooks, leader resources, awards and more by choosing to shop TREK!



There are two ways as a parent you can dive into discipleship. Following along with your kids as they work through their books with a church ministry or use the Awana books at home with your own kids. If your kids attend a church ministry, make sure you check out the weekly parent questions in the books. Our curriculum is focused on making sure parents have support as they journey in faith with their kids. If you’re looking to start a home study, you can do that as well. Simply order the books for your kids and get a leaders guide for yourself. It will give you everything you need to learn God’s word with your kids and grow in faith together. Remember, whether your kids go to a church ministry or you’re doing it at home, Awana is focused on the Gospel, Scripture Memory, Fun, Strong Leadership and Parent Partnership. If these 5 elements are included, you will have a great experience in faith.

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