An early elementary ministry (Grade 2)

Sparks® ignites the curiosity of early elementary-age kids to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ.

For many children in kindergarten to second grade, Sparks is the highlight of the week! They love their red vests, the exciting games and spending time with leaders and friends.

Sparks is divided into three years, each with a unique rank: HangGlider®, WingRunner® and SkyStormer™.

Sparkies begin with HangGlider


Flight 3:16 is the Sparks Entrance Booklet. This booklet features an illustrated story with the Sparks flight theme and helps kids learn and remember John 3:16. Once Sparkies complete their entrance booklet, they can get their uniform!


The HangGlider handbook covers Genesis through Joshua, with 12 exciting biographies that show kids that the people in the Bible were real! HangGlider comes with dramatic audio readings of each biography — with music and sound effects — and a timeline to help Sparkies follow along.


Work with all the Sparkies in your group, together or individually, regardless of what book or section they are on! Quickly flip to the related page in this guide and have immediate access to all necessary information to help kids understand the concepts of the lesson and memorize the Bible verse in a fun and engaging way.

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Focused on the gospel, scripture, leader development, long-term relational discipleship, and making sure that ministries are fun and exciting. 


The Official Sparks Game Book has nearly 100 new and time-tested game ideas organized by game space, club size and more. Find this item along with uniforms t-shirts, handbooks, leader resources, awards and more by choosing to shop Sparks.



There are two ways as a parent you can dive into discipleship. Following along with your kids as they work through their books with a church ministry or use the Awana books at home with your own kids. If your kids attend a church ministry, make sure you check out the weekly parent questions in the books. Our curriculum is focused on making sure parents have support as they journey in faith with their kids. If you’re looking to start a home study, you can do that as well. Simply order the books for your kids and get a leaders guide for yourself. It will give you everything you need to learn God’s word with your kids and grow in faith together. Remember, whether your kids go to a church ministry or you’re doing it at home, Awana is focused on the Gospel, Scripture Memory, Fun, Strong Leadership and Parent Partnership. If these 5 elements are included, you will have a great experience in faith.

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