John Piper says, “God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, but you may be aware of three of them.” What a great thing when God’s work in our lives in so clearly evident that you can do nothing more than give credit to Him. And when his work intermingles with our prayers and desires, seeming to guide and direct us, we are assured of the fact that we have a living God who cares abundantly for us.

About 10 years ago, when I had been in ministry in Quebec for just 2 years I was invited to visit a small church in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Four families with 8 kids between them started this church in the basement of a restaurant with a burden on their hearts to reach children. As we walked around we saw so many children out in the streets. This was clearly a town with lots of youth and not a lot of programs or things for them to be involved in. I had brought with me some Awana Games and a variety of other materials. Equipped and encouraged, these four families went to the school and asked permission to set up Awana Games in the parking lot. This was a big request that was likely to be denied since Christian clubs were not being welcomed into schools anywhere in Quebec. But permission was granted along with permission to hand out information about Awana Club and the new church to the students. God softened the hearts of school personnel who were desperate to try a different approach for the seemingly misguided kids in their community. Twenty kids were attending the church by Christmas time that year.

Parents started coming too and within two years the basement was full. The growing church decided to connect with a church in Granby. This was also a small church at the time. The two small churches decided to merge and together became Eglise Fusion. They committed to focus on children’s ministry as each had seen how God could work through the lives of children. After a year of planning they were ready to resume their Awana program on again.

Today this church has 350 regular attendees. For a church in Quebec to have grown that fast is amazing. Children have a profound impact on the family and we believe that God used children from these churches to influence the direction of their homes.

But that’s not all…

We don’t always understand how God is working but we rest in the truth of His sovereign plan.

Eglise Fusion in Granby is focusing on multiplication once again, and have asked a young couple I met years ago to start a new club. There is a large population of refugees around this new church but this couple, both teachers, have been perfectly prepared for this new role and are already familiar with many of the kids through their classes.

From one small church in the basement of a restaurant to communities full of kids being taught to know the Lord and growing in relationship with Him. God has used these children to influence the church, their communities and their families.

Author: Lise Lalonde