Rebekah Bock

Ministry Development Coordinator - Ontario

I love spending time with God through prayer and study, to be able to do this daily refreshes my soul and starts me off on the right foot. One of the things I also enjoy is comparing different Bible versions to get more perspective and understanding. I also have the opportunity to be part of a Bible study with other young adults to grow, share and learn together.

My husband Calvin and I both grew up in Christian homes and attended Awana. We were married in May 2017. Now we live in Vaughan Ontario with our dog Fitz. In our spare time we love to travel, play games and spend time with family and friends. I work with the Awana ministry full time and Calvin helps me out as a volunteer with certain events throughout the year.

Growing up in Awana I have had the opportunity to attend many different Awana programs and have seen them run in many different ways. This has come in handy as I Advocate for Church Care in Ontario and work on training curriculum for leaders. My job is to come alongside the local church in order to understand their vision for children’s ministry and work to equip them with resources and training. My prayer is that through this we can reach more kids and families with the gospel. I consider it a privilege to be able to pour back into a ministry that poured so much into me as a child and even an adult.

If you want to know more about the Awana Ontario ministry, our curriculum, programs or vision for long-term relational discipleship, please contact me anytime.